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My work is a blend of skills from several disciplines. I begin with the sketch of the concept I want to develop.  Then I take that concept and recreate it digitally in 3D using a sculpting software program. This allows my imagination the freedom to dive much deeper into a concept, shaping it from all sides.

For those not familiar with digital sculpting programs, think of it as a ball of digital clay that you sculpt and control with a stylus. The form can be push, pulled, shaped and textured. 

Once Iā€™m happy with the base form, I sculpt the fine details. After sculpting is complete. I paint and texture the form.  I now have a complete 3D sculpture that I can pose and combine with other sculpted objects in a scene.  I light those 3D scenes and render them into a 2D image. Then I combine the 2D image with digitally painted scenes that I create, completing the final composition.  The way I combine images varies greatly in my work. Some images are mostly digital painting, while others are mostly 3D rendered sculpts.  As with most artists, my methods are constantly evolving in pursuit of creating better and more interesting work.